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Knockdown Rebuild

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall – Confucius This also applies to your property, falling your home to rise it again is one of the greatest glory you can give to your home especially when that knockdown rebuild project is carried out by Futuristic Homes. Across the years, we have given homes a fresh breath of life, we have reinvented buildings restoring their youth and beauty structurally. If you want to a perfect new home in place of the current one, well it is time to reach out to us at Futuristic Homes. With Futuristic Homes, there is that excitement of starting your home all over again, the enthusiasm for the perfect, the anticipation of innovation and ingenuity. The knockdown and rebuild process is all simple and perfectly tailored to your relish and convenience.

We bring a whole lot of redesign options to the table
With us, variety is as vast as innovation. We bring you a whole range of exciting possibilities as to your redesign options. Our consultants will ensure that we sufficiently factor in your needs and preferences in the conceptualization stage ensuring that the redesigns options we proffer completely encompass your delights and preferences. While we will advise you adequately, we will leave you honorably to make the choices. This is to make sure the redesign of your home has as many personal elements as you like. We will, therefore, redesign your home after your image, emotional personality as well as psychological charisma. At the end of the day, the redesigned building is a sparkling reflection of you in its entirety.

We knock down and rebuild your building within the comfort of your budget
While it is true that knocking down your home and rebuilding it may demand some financial commitment, at Futuristic Homes, we strive to the extremes of our capacity to make the project as affordable as possible. Our experts will be in close productive communion with you so we can interactively arrive at a convenient estimate through the planning, drafting as far as the demolition and rebuilding proper. While using the highest quality of material available, our experts will laboriously strive to reduce cost without compromising on quality. We really want you to have a beautiful home without financially constraining you. When we give you a quote, there is as much humanitarianism as there is excellence in that quote. It is the best you would get around in all genuine respect.

Our specialists will get the job done to the highest detail of perfection
After our specialists have finished initial consultations and cost arrangements with you, our construction experts will get down to the work proper. From an exhaustive site report, rigorous analysis and layout, to obtaining legal permits, demolition, removing all debris, final soil survey and then building even as far down to installations. You can be assured only experts have their hands on your home all the way through these procedures. At the end, what you have is a mouthwatering edifice you can proudly call your home.